2016 Atlanta Juvenile Statistics Explains The Top Five Crimes Juveniles Commit

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It is somewhat hard to understand and painful to know why teens commit crimes. At a young age, they are capable of breaking the law to the extent of hurting other people. The 2016 Atlanta Juvenile Statistics distinguishes the top five crimes committed by juveniles.


Top 5 Crimes Committed By Juveniles:


  1. Larceny Or Theft


Larceny or theft is on top of the list when it comes to juvenile crimes. It may be because teens feel empowered when they can get something that doesn’t belong to them.


  1. Vandalism


Vandalism can be a way to express the new and overwhelming emotions teens feel. Through it, they can channel their confusion. It can also be a means of having fun, and although we all want that for them, vandalism is littering. It is against the law.


  1. Alcohol Offenses


Like in adults, alcohol can be addictive as it somehow helps with relaxation, but underage drinking and purchasing of alcohol is a crime, and there are some who have ways to do so.


  1. Disorderly Conduct


Teens often misbehave. Cursing or offending at authorities, fighting in public places, or making a scandalous scene are examples of disorderly conduct.


  1. Assault


Any form of physical harm done to others is considered an assault. Sometimes, temper and identity issues get in the way that some teens get in trouble with aggravated assault.


Source: pixabay.com


Teens are not supposed to be dealing with the court at their age. They shouldn’t be doing crimes as they should be enjoying life after childhood and right before adulthood. However, not all of us are the same. The 2016 Atlanta Juvenile statistics aims to understand the top crimes that teens commit. They hope to understand and maybe somehow help in preventing teens from committing crimes.