Month: March 2019

What’s In Store At The 2016 San Francisco Birth And Baby Fair

Here’s an event you might be interested in: the 2016 San Francisco Birth And Baby Fair. The Golden Gate Club will turn into a mommy and baby wonderland on November 13, 2016. If you find yourself in the San Francisco Bay area around that time, check out this event. Here’s a short glimpse of what you can look forward to in this event.



At the Birth and Baby Fair, you’ll be able to find an array of stalls selling products you’ll want to check out. From baby clothes to maternity; from strollers to toys; from baby food to breast pumps, you’ll be able to find a lot of exciting products on sale. You’ll also be glad to know that many of the vendors are locals and start-ups. What this means is that you’re supporting a terrific community and even other moms.

Demos & Workshops

The fair isn’t only for shopping and fun either. The San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair also aims to educate parents. The organizers have gathered trusted experts on all things related to kids and parenthood. You’ll have a chance ask to them pertinent questions you’ve been itching to ask about pregnancy and raising kids.

There are also a lot of booths that spread education and awareness. The Raised Real booth will teach you how to make your baby food. People from STRONGMom will help you find the best workout regimen to help you stay healthy. The EarthBaby booth will show you how to be more eco-friendly with all those diapers you’ll be changing.

Raffle Prizes And Giveaways

Another thing that many people look forward to is the raffle draw. Local and national businesses have donated beautiful products for lucky parents to take home. This 2016, the prizes that are up for grabs include car seats, photo packages for you and your baby, gift certificates, a Naturepedic mattress, and an UppaBaby stroller. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Play And Relaxation


Here’s another thing to get excited over: the fair will feature a play area for your little ones and a spa area for well-deserving moms. They also have a nursing nook.

For the mommy spa, you’ll find yourself relaxing with mini-massages, a manicure, and even brow threading. While you’re pampering yourself, your kids can enjoy the ball pit with other children. It’s an excellent way for them to learn how to interact with others. At the nursing nook, you can comfortably nap or nurse your children. Consultants will also be available nearby to answer questions related to breastfeeding.

How Do I Join?

Do all of these have you giddy with excitement? Go on over to to find out more and get tickets to this year’s fair. Entrance will cost more for walk-in patrons so get those tickets online while they’re still there.

The Birth and Baby Fair is an event you surely don’t want to miss.