These Exercises Can Help You Stay Fit While Still Pregnant

Is your current pregnancy giving you difficulties these days? If it’s not due to an underlying health issue, my best guess is that it’s because you gained more pounds than necessary.



For a month or so, I had the same problem when I carried a child for the first time. Assuming I needed to eat for myself and the baby, I consumed two servings of everything without fail. The result was that the rest of my body swelled up faster than my belly where the fetus is, thus making it difficult for me to even walk to the kitchen.

My OB-GYN then talked me out of that foolishness on my next checkup. She said, “This habit won’t be good for the both of you. You need to stop binge-eating and start exercising.” That’s the reason why I tried a lot of fitness routines before coming to full term.


Here are the ones I like and still do post-pregnancy to stay fit:


This workout is perfect for mommas-to-be who love to dance and strengthen the cardiovascular muscles. You can achieve the latter even with low-intensity aerobics; that’s why you should look up studios that offer classes to pregnant women or watch online tutorials and invite your friends over.



In case you are not afraid of being in the water, know that you can swim your way towards great health. I did – and still do – it a few times a week, and the exercise allows me to shed off some weight. Not to mention, you won’t turn into a sweating mess.



Considering you have a medium- or high-risk pregnancy, you may still get fit with prenatal yoga. The various positions you’ll do may relax your joints and give you some muscles at the right places. Both are essential to make childbirth and caring for the baby extra bearable for the body.




Weight Training

Yes, feel free to take your dumbbells out during pregnancy too if you’re into it. The exercise can increase your heart and body’s strength, as well as improve your stability.You shouldn’t lift barbells, for sure, yet you can handle three- or five-pound weights easily.


Indoor Cycling

Biking is another fitness option you can try or continue doing when you’re pregnant. Only, it is much preferable to pedal with a stationary or an elliptical bike instead of a mountain bike. You won’t then need to worry about the heat, the smoke you’ll inhale from cars, and your balance, which is slightly off since your belly is your new center of gravity.



If you are a runner at heart, your pregnancy doesn’t have to stop you from doing what you love. Granted that you can’t train for a marathon just yet, what you can do is jog around the park with your husband or pet.



Can’t bother yourself with other exercises? That’s alright – walking is a form of workout too. By merely going to the store nearby or moving around the block on foot for 30 minutes or so on a regular basis, you get to ensure that your blood flows well throughout your system and the joints don’t stay immovable.