How To Avoid Thinking Of Abortion



My desire to protect my child from any harm started as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. I still had no bump showing at the time; the fetus’ heartbeat had not been heard then as well. However, I knew in my heart that there was nothing I could not do for my little bean.

Of course, the more my baby grew in my womb, the more my love intensified. I followed all the doctor’s orders and took my vitamins diligently. When I was advised to file for a leave of absence at work, I did it even though I could not bear to stay idle for more than 24 hours in the past. And every day, I looked forward to when I would feel my growing baby’s kicks.

Because of the intense emotions that I have felt towards my unborn child, I cannot understand why some expectant mothers think of abortion. Even if the pregnancy may be unexpected, you should be able to experience a deep connection to the fetus in your womb. That is especially true when there already an umbilical cord that binds you to the baby.

Just as a precaution, here are a few ideas to consider avoiding abortion ever.




You Will Kill Your Own Flesh And Blood

The first thing to think about is that aborting a baby means ending an innocent life. Granted, the child may not even have developed sex organs yet to know if it’s a boy or girl, but it already has a beating heart. How can you live freely when you know that you have killed your flesh and blood?

It May Break Your Family

While you may be okay with abortion, your parents and partner may not be. Going forward with the idea, therefore, can cause irreparable damage to your relationship with them.

You May Have Pregnancy Problems Next Time

Abortion can take a toll on your ability to have a healthy pregnancy next time. The more you go through the process, after all, the more you may experience obstetrical complications. Kimberley A. Thornton, M.D., says that “there’s no evidence that either a surgical or medical abortion will cause infertility.” “It’s not something we would expect to affect the ovaries or eggs,” she says.

The Guilty Feelings Will Never Go Away

Lastly, abortion is one decision that you can never forget about. It may not eat at you in the beginning, but the guilt may eventually crawl in your mind and stay there even if you carry your next child to full term. “A compassionate, unbiased, and appropriate counselor can help a woman who has undergone an abortion come to terms with her decision and find peace again—without a political agenda.” Susanne Babbel Ph.D. MFT explained.




Final Thoughts

I understand how pro-life I sound right now. Some may even say that I can only speak this way because I wanted to become a mother when I got pregnant. Be that as it may, abortion is a sensitive matter that you need to think about a million times. “The termination of pregnancy, has always been a troubling one. There just are no easy answers.” Barbara Almond M.D. says. Taking the fetus out of your womb may not take an hour or so, but it may not be easy to get away from its physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual repercussions.

Although the final decision will still be yours when it comes to the fate of the child in your womb, I hope that you will not have to think of abortion ever.