How To Get Yourself Ready For The Delivery


Delivering a human being into the world is a unique experience for every mother. explains that “Research shows that there are several personal factors, unique to each birthing person, that can affect how she experiences labor.” Some had it easy, to the extent that the baby’s head was out as soon as the water broke, indicating that he or she is ready to leave the womb stat. Others, however, can be in labor for over 24 hours and require medical intervention to birth the child successfully. Research shows that there are several personal factors, unique to each birthing person, that can affect how she experiences labor. It’s just a little unfortunate that we mostly hear about stories similar to the latter more than the former. That invokes fear in a lot of pregnant women and makes them want to opt for  C-section instead of aiming for standard delivery instantly. My stand on the topic is that caesarian method is for life-and-death situations, e.g., the umbilical cord wrapped around the infant’s neck or the mother has a health condition that doesn’t allow her to push. If the OB-GYN confirms that you and your baby are both in great shape, then you can ask for natural childbirth.   Coincidentally, there are a few things you can try to get yourself ready for the delivery.

  1. Arm Yourself With Facts

As soon as you find out that you’re carrying a child for the first time, you should hit the books, read online articles, or watch videos regarding gestation. Many women may assume it’s best to tell their parents or friends about it immediately, but I believe in learning more about pregnancy facts before you speak to others (besides your spouse, of course). The reason is that people will give you a rundown of what to expect or what to do in the coming months. Some of them can be superstitious beliefs that have zero bases; that’s why it’s vital to have extensive knowledge about your condition before breaking the great news to others.  

  1. Exercise Your Body And Mind Often

Are you afraid of the day you’ll wake up with swollen ankles? While it sounds like something that every expectant mother experiences at least once in the entire duration of the pregnancy, the fit mamas rarely go through this ordeal. In truth, you need to work out regularly so that your muscles and joints can remain mobile. It will help with the delivery and make the process bearable for you. Throw in some meditation as well to keep your worries at bay, and you’ll be ready for childbirth in no time. “You increase your chances for success (of natural birth) by being very physically fit,” Ryan Dickerson, M.D. says.

  1. Prepare A Realistic Birth Plan

When you’re near to your due date, the OB-GYN may encourage you to write down the things you’ll want to happen while you’re in labor. Will there be an epidural, for instance? Or, what kind of delivery method do you want to use? But the thing is, complications have a 50-50 chance of rising even if the baby’s about to come out. You have to consider things like that as you create the birth plan and add alternative options below every request. You may not be able to utilize your decision-making skills once your contractions are practically a few seconds apart, so it’s better to jot them all down now. “Having an idea of your preferences is always a good idea, but so is keeping flexibility in mind.”, Robin Elise Weiss, PhD wrote.