How To Stay Effective At Work When You’re Pregnant



  In almost every article I wrote here about healthy pregnancy, I can’t tell how many times I recommended pulling all the stops and just relaxing until childbirth. Frankly speaking, it matters so much since your body is already working 24/7, ensuring that your unborn baby stays protected and nurtured in your womb. If you do other physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing activities outside of that, it may push your system to release more cortisol, which may be unfavorable in your current condition. Regardless of that, I know that it can’t be easy for everyone to lie-low and delegate most of their tasks to others from the beginning of the pregnancy. That’s often the case as well when you’re a team leader or the boss of a growing company. Thus, what I can advise is to take some precautionary measures to stay productive at work and taking care of the fetus in your tummy. Here’s how you can accomplish that.  


Inform Colleagues About Your State The primary thing you’ll want to do is let your staff know that you’re in the family way. Some tend not to do that because they don’t wish others to see it as their handicap. However, it’s important to tell them the baby news immediately to avoid being in tight situations, e.g., having to work overtime, being around smoking people, etc.

Dealing with the complete exhaustion of the first trimester was really the beginning of my realizing that my work–life balance was already starting to shift,” says Houston clinical psychologist Kay Hurlock Brumbaugh, PsyD.

  Manage Stress Well Pregnancy is the best time to learn meditation and various breathing methods. You see, being able to quiet down your mind will allow you to handle stress efficiently. According to Christina G. Hibbert, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and expert in postpartum mental health.  “Many women ignore or deny feelings of stress, but it simply piles up until you feel like you’re going to explode or implode.”

You’ll need that trick to stay zen – and sane – especially when you’re still not on maternity leave. Not to mention, it may come in handy once you go into labor.  


  Eat On Time Having to “eat for two” if you are pregnant is merely a myth. Despite that, however, make sure that you grab a bite often to stay healthy and active at work. The reason is that pregnancy itself causes your energy levels to deplete faster than usual. Once you have to move here and there and finish other tasks too during the day, you may feel exhausted before it’s even lunchtime. Again, it’s better to inform your colleagues about your condition early so that they won’t think you’re incompetent in keeping food on your desk at all times.  

Get Rid Of Nauseous Stuff The first trimester can be challenging for working expectant mothers due to the hormonal changes you’re going through at the moment. It’s great if you have an office just for yourself. But in case you don’t, then you’ll have to deal with different smells and noises coming from the workers around you. What you may do at this point is to avoid the things that can make you nauseous. If you’re about to cross paths with someone eating a burrito or drinking coffee, for instance, and you know that even the sight of that can turn your stomach upside down, retreat until the coast is clear. The triggering factors are not the same for all, unfortunately, so you need to find what causes your morning sickness on your own.   Walk Regularly Considering you have a desk job, it’s also necessary for you to have regular walks around the office. Walking is the most accessible type of exercise, to be honest. Not doing so may leave your ankles swollen or too unfit to even climb a single flight of stairs.

Even if mothers were not active before becoming pregnant, they should strive to go on walks for at least 20 minutes, four times a week,” suggests Dr. Jennifer Wu, an OB-GYN at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.