How To Make Pregnancy Extra Manageable


Pregnancy is one of the most significant sources of pride in a woman’s life. It is far better than receiving the highest honors in the academe or having a multi million-dollar company. After all, it entails that you already reached thefull circle, which is an achievement that no one will ever forget.

It is a well-recognized fact, however, that the growth of a child in your uterus comes with a lot of physical discomfort and emotional setbacks. Some mothers-to-be even acquire illnesses and skin conditions because of the low immune system and hormonal changes. Thus, to mention that pregnancy can be a pain in the you-know-what is the understatement of the year.

But then again, your hardship will only last for nine months. Once you give birth, you will have a son or daughter that you can hone to be the best person possible. So, hang in there a bit longer, momma, and check out a few ways to make your pregnancy extra manageable.


Put On Appropriate Ensembles

Once a health professional confirms that you’re expecting, exchange tight-fitting clothes and high-heeled shoes for loose garments and flats. Moving around in the former ensemble is genuinely uncomfortable, especially in your delicate condition.


Eat Healthily


You may crave for cheeseburgers and ice cream often, yet dieting should be your priority. Although the fetus gets a substantial amount of nutrients from the foods you consume, you only need to eat for yourself. Trust me; it is challenging for your lower body to carry too much excess weight plus the growing baby.



Pregnancy can make you worry about a lot of things regarding the unborn child. Overthinking isn’t advisable, however, since the unborn child can feel your emotions and be in distress too. Try meditation on a regular basis to calm your mind.


Pamper Yourself

Carrying a baby until he or she arrives will never be an easy feat. For this reason, you should take every chance you get to relax. Visit a spa, for instance, and get manicure or pedicure. You may go shopping with your husband or friends too. Whatever relaxation method you want to try, do it – you deserve to treat yourself.


Take Supplements

Eating isn’t enough to obtain all the vitamins you and the child need to stay healthy. At times, if the morning sickness kicks in, your stomach may not be willing to accept food. Hence, let the OB-GYN assess the nutrients you may be lacking, e.g., folate, iron, zinc, calcium, and take the ones your doctor prescribes.




Being fit even when you’re an expectant mother matters. It lets you lose the unnecessary pounds and loosens up the joints and muscles so that your pregnancy becomes extra manageable. You’ll find a lot of fitness options, but I liked swimming back then since it’s enjoyable and I felt weightless while exercising in the water.


Sleep Well

When dealing with body aches, the quick-fix for that is sound sleep. In case that’s difficult to achieve because of your belly size, you may purchase a maternity pillow in shapes J or C. It’s so different from regular cushions since the structure can comfort to your body and put less pressure on your back, legs, and middle section.