Pampering Ideas For Yourself Before The Baby Arrives

Are you stressing over the fact that your child is about to come after a few winks?

You’re not going crazy – all expectant mothers tend to do that. The usual ramblings go along these lines: “Do I have everything I need in the baby bag?”, “How will I push when it’s time?”, and “Am I truly prepared to care for another human being, much less an infant?”.


In all honesty, delivering and caring for a baby can be quite unpredictable; that’s why nobody can be fully ready for these tasks. Rather than being a worrywart, it’ll be better if you concentrate on relaxing your mind and body before the baby arrives.

Here are some pampering ideas you should try:

  1. Go Shopping

The easiest way to feel great is to splurge on clothes and shoes. Since you have a son or daughter on the road, it will also be nice to buy baby stuff for the first time. By visiting the stores on foot, you can get to see the products and perhaps grab a bite afterward. Online shopping, on the other hand, can be beneficial for your mood too, considering you like receiving gift boxes.

  1. Nap Often

Pregnancy can make you experience a lot of ups and downs within the day. Sometimes you seem like an energizer bunny; other times, you feel too exhausted even to leave your bed. That’s because of the hormonal changes going on inside your system, which is standard when you’re expecting. To fight the stress it brings, you should sleep anytime you want.

  1. Exercise

Carrying a baby isn’t for the faint of heart. As a mom-to-be, you need to strengthen your body to make sure that you are ready to deliver your child to full term and that your doctor won’t have to prescribe bed rest to you. Some exercises are pregnancy-friendly, such as yoga, walking, swimming, and aerobics.

  1. Obtain Help At Home

Doing household chores may be momentarily unsuitable for your condition, although it’s for your best interest to move those joints and build up some muscles before the baby arrives. Activities, such as washing clothes and cleaning the rooms, may require you to do the heavy lifting and squatting, which are never advisable for expectant mothers. In case your spouse is busy too, you can hire a housekeeper instead.

  1. Groom Your Nails

Pregnancy gives you an opportunity to indulge on getting manicure and pedicure as well whenever time allows. Admit it – it’s genuinely relaxing to know that someone is taking care of your nails and painting them with your favorite shade.

  1. Get A Massage

You are free to have a masseuse knead your aching muscles even when you are pregnant. It won’t be harmful to the baby, so don’t worry about that. You just need to talk to the massage therapist about your bun in the oven – especially if the bump isn’t apparent yet – so that they can do the procedure correctly.

  1. Reduce Your Workload

Your stress level will drop too once you lessen the activities you have to mind. If your other kids are old enough to handle chores, delegate some to them and act more like a supervisor. At work, your colleagues can understand if you ask for maternity leave, mainly when the load is taking a toll on your pregnancy.