Perks Of Having A Lovely Husband During Pregnancy

One of the best things that can happen to a woman’s life is to become a mother. I believe that the essence of a woman is to give life to another human being. I still remember the first day when I found out that I am pregnant with my first child. There were mixed emotions inside of me. First, I felt happy knowing that I was given an opportunity to become a mother. Second, it was also terrifying because I know that the job of being a mom is quite challenging. What gave me comfort was hearing my husband say that we are going to take the journey together.


According to Guy Winch, PhD, “Pregnant women often complain about receiving insufficient social and emotional support from their partners. Such support is important because twenty five percent of women experience elevated symptoms of depression after giving birth. Further, anxiety symptoms are also common among pregnant women, both during pregnancy and post-partum.”

I have to say that the presence of my responsible husband has helped a lot in my struggles as a pregnant woman. Below are some of the great things that he did for me while I bore our first loved child:  

  1. He Gave Me Assurance

The best thing that he did for me was to remind me of his wedding vows. He assured me again that he would never leave my side; especially then when we are going to start a family together. He promised to stick with me through all the ups and downs. Because of his assurance, I was able to gain confidence that things will get better in our lives since we are facing all the challenges together.  

  1. He Read Guide Books

My husband is not the type of person who would spend time reading books or other materials. However, when I got pregnant, he did everything he can to understand our situation and to find out what we can expect during the period of my pregnancy. Because of this, he focused on reading guidebooks about pregnancy. He acquired some basic knowledge about my medical condition so that he would know how to act appropriately in certain situations.  

  1. He Accompanied Me In All Medical Checkups

The most exhausting part of being pregnant is going to a doctor for a regular checkup. It is essential to have a medical expert to check the status or condition of one’s pregnancy, which is why I see to it that I always show up for my doctor’s appointments. Fortunately, my husband was still there to accompany me for the checkups. He was so happy to drive for me to the hospital and to discuss with the doctor about the updates of my status.  

Moreover, Staci Lee Schnell, MS, CS, LMFT, wrote, “If your wife has been diagnosed with a perinatal mood disorder, it’s very important for you to be informed and to be part of her treatment. The more supportive you are of her treatment, the smoother her recovery will be.”

  1. He Was Always Sweet

There were also days when my spouse gave me a day off from household chores. Sometimes, I would wake up in the morning with breakfast in bed. During the weekends, he would do to let me take a break from the usual things I was fond of doing. Instead, he would complete the chores all by himself. After that, we would just spend the rest of the night just enjoying each other’s company over good food or with a great selection of movies.   I have to say that my husband was the primary reason why my first pregnancy journey was amazing. His acts reminded me of why I fell in love with him in the first place.  

Karen Kleiman MSW, LCSW, reminds all partners of mothers-to-be, “The single most important thing for you to do to help is to just be with her. Sit with her. No TV, no kids, no dog, no bills, no newspaper. Just you and her. Let her know you’re there.”