Pregnancy Myths You Can Take Off Your Mind Now

Revealing to folks that there’s a baby in the oven often garners mixed reactions. Everyone is over the moon about it and will cheer you on throughout the pregnancy, for sure. “Women can face a range of challenges,” says Margarita Tartakovsky, MS. “For one, many people might not understand exactly what you’re going through, making you feel even lonelier.”


But there may always be superstitious people who may warn you to do this and that to prevent bad luck, ensure the child’s healthy development, etc.  


  Personally speaking, I don’t condemn such beliefs. Those individuals have real concern for you and the unborn baby; that’s why they’re offering their two cents. Many of the theories seem irrational, however, and cause you unnecessary anxiety. Thus, continue reading below to know the pregnancy myths you should take off your mind now.   Myth #1: You Can’t Dye Your Locks I had to ask about it to my OB-GYN because I have white hairs all over my head that I want nobody to see. Luckily, she told me it’s OK to use dye on your locks, considering you apply products without ammonia.   Myth #2: It’s Easy To Tell The Child’s Gender According To Your Belly’s Shape And Size On the first pregnancy, my husband and I decided not to get an ultrasound to find out our baby’s sex since we wanted it to become a sweet surprise. That gave our parents and the other adults on both sides of the family to pitch in that we’re having a girl because my tummy wasn’t too big and “pointy.”As it turns out, however, it’s a boy whose back was against my belly. That is one proof that you can’t tell the gender of your child by just looking at how much your midriff sticks out.   Myth #3: Sex Is Dangerous For The Baby Being at significant risk of miscarriage due to vaginal bleeding or other complications may enable the doctor to advise you against having sex while still pregnant. Beyond that, though, your child is perfectly safe in their real bubble – the amniotic sac – so don’t be afraid of getting aroused as you carry him or her. “Because the baby is protected from the outside world, sex during pregnancy doesn’t hurt the baby. Furthermore, even the biggest, mind-blowing orgasm won’t cause preterm delivery,” says Naveeh Saleh, MD., MS.


  Myth #4: Avoid Flying At All Costs Going through scanners at the airport and sitting on a plane as it soars high above the ground aren’t harmful to the unborn baby. Your immunity may be a bit low at this time, yet it can still ward off the radiation from the X-rays, especially if it’s in teeny-tiny doses. An airline company may only prohibit you from flying too in case you’re at least two months away from giving birth, but that can still be fine once the OB-GYN provides you with medical clearance.   Myth #5: You’ll Look More Beautiful Than Ever I was looking for that pregnancy glow as well that books were adamant about when I was carrying my first-born. However, all I got were skin tags, a vertical dark line on my tummy, and plenty of zits on the face and back. Aside from that, your nose and feet can swell too. “The myth of the glowing New Mother does no justice to the complexity and idiosyncrasy of each woman’s reaction to motherhood,” wrote Gabrielle Lewine, Ph.D.  Myth #6: The Stretch Marks Won’t Come When You Have Cocoa Butter You may expect streaks to appear on your skin as your body makes room for the child. Some are fortunate enough not to have them, but the others who aren’t so lucky should know better than to rely on cocoa butter to avoid or get rid of stretch marks. In truth, it may even cause skin irritation, so apply it at your discretion.