The Best Hobbies To Try Before Childbirth


Mothers have different things to say about pregnancy. Some women went through so much pain that they only want to experience childbirth once in this lifetime and discourage their colleagues from having kids. Other mamas, on the one hand, are more goal-oriented than that and don’t mind going through the process over and over if that means their brood will expand.

Though I can relate better to the latter, it’s not that challenging to understand where the former’s attitude stems from now. Not being able to see past your oversized belly and feeling the baby kick your internal organs are just a couple of instances that can make you say no to getting pregnant again. Regardless of that, becoming an expectant mother will let you do the activities that you may never have time for when you don’t have a bun in the oven.  

To invigorate your mind about it, here are the best hobbies to try before childbirth:  

  1. Taking Photos

In case you have a passion for photography, pregnancy is the best occasion for you to start learning about it correctly. You can study online in the beginning and use your smartphone to capture images. Once you’re ready to level up, you may look into crash courses in photography near your home and get a professional camera. When your child arrives, you won’t then need to hire a photographer to have adorable pictures of them.  

  1. Cooking

Your condition also gives you an opportunity to improve your culinary skills. I’m not trying to generalize here, but it’s a fact that there are career-driven folks who barely have time to cook or learn how to do it. They’d rather eat in restaurants or sleep than work in the kitchen. Despite that, being on maternity leave means that you’ll step away from your projects to prepare for the delivery. Hence, whenever you have nothing to do at home, you can bust out a few recipes and try to cook for your family. The heat, the chopping, and the slicing may require some getting used to, but cooking can be a therapeutic and enjoyable interest.  

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD, wrote, “[F]ood-related activities involving shopping, cooking, planning, and, of course, eating, can serve as useful tools for helping individuals feel better about themselves, enjoy shared experiences with others, and adopt desirable health habits.”

  1. Finishing Puzzles

Considering you wish to take stress off your brain, putting puzzle pieces together can be a relaxing hobby. Although it may seem monotonous at first, it does feel fulfilling to know that you are building something beautiful. The hours can quickly pass as well when you immerse yourself in this activity, so you may rarely experience dull moments as you wait for your due date.  

  1. Sightseeing

Is there any place in or out of the country that you want to visit? Traveling when you’re pregnant is OK, as long as you have permission from your OB-GYN. “Studies show that exposure to images of nature as well as actual nature, enhance healing,” wrote Carrie Barron, MD.

The regular walks may honestly be beneficial for you since it can ensure that you’ll often move instead of staying on your couch all day long. The bonus, of course, is that you’ll see different sceneries and strengthen your bond with your spouse and other family members before the child comes.  

  1. DIY-ing

If you’re into items that are “made with love,” you can surely try to create stuff on your own. That can entail the little decorations for the house or the hats and mittens for the baby. You may consider formulating organic oils, lotions, powders, and even wet wipes. Not only will this hobby prevent you from overthinking about the pregnancy, but it will allow you to save some cash too for the future.

Having hobbies before childbirth can be beneficial. Moreover, Jaime L. Kurtz, PhD, wrote, “If you can designate an hour a day or even a few hours a week for something you feel truly inspired and enlivened by, don’t be surprised if some of that newfound zest carries over into your work and family life.”