Why You Can’t Have Stress When You’re In The Family Way


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  Let’s talk about a couple of truths here for a minute, shall we? One, all women wish to bear a child at one point in their life. Two, not many of them end up having one even if they can, biologically speaking. Why you may ask? Apart from possibly being unable to find a husband-material type of a man, it’s because they don’t want to halt whatever they’re doing now and go on maternity leave. In reality, however, there’s no other way around it. You can’t have stress when you’re in the family way, so you need to prioritize your pregnancy and drop any work instantly if necessary. In case you’re still looking for the answers as to why that’s important, view the reasons below.  

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  1. It Can Affect The Baby’s Brain Function

Although the entire medical society is still at crossroads about it, some scientists revealed via studies that a high level of stress hurts a child’s brain development. It appears that cortisol, the hormone that the body releases when you’re under much tension, can seep through the amniotic sac during the second trimester. That is the time when the brain of the fetus starts to take shape; that’s why it matters not to disturb the process. But it – the disturbance – is what happens when the mother feels stressed out, unfortunately. While you and your OB-GYN may not see it once you get a check-up, it may become apparent after childbirth. After all, people believe that the issue is among the probable causes of autism, low IQ and EQ, and various psychological conditions in kids.

  1. It Deteriorates Your Immune System

Excessive stress can’t be good for you as well since it lowers your immunity against diseases and allergens. Even without being in this situation, your immune system is already not that high as you’re sharing it with the unborn baby. Hence, it’s easy for bacteria and viruses to wreak havoc in your life. Now, imagine what can occur when you’re often dealing with very stressful stuff. The halved immunity goes down some more, and you may catch the flu as soon as someone sneezes a few feet away from you. It makes you depressed and tired too, which may enable you to make unhealthy life decisions. If that circumstance lingers, the medical practitioner may prescribe bed rest to prevent you from endangering yourself and the fetus.  

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  1. It Might Cause Premature Labor

The extreme amount of cortisol that may enter the womb if you’re under a lot of pressure does not just affect the brain function of the child. This hormone, in fact, can also trigger the placenta to produce compounds that only come out when you are due to give birth. As much as you probably want the pregnancy to end, it’s not favorable to go into premature labor at any time within those nine months. The baby stays incubated in the womb for that long for one reason: to ensure that all their internal organs are ready for the delivery. In case stress shortens that period, it will most likely cause premature labor and have life-threatening effects on your lives.