Month: July 2020

How I Told My Family That I Am Pregnant

Pregnancy is something that every woman dreamed of. It is the most special day in every woman’s life because they grow a beautiful creature inside them. Right now, I am one of them. I am seven months pregnant. Though I feel happy and contented these days, the first few months were not that great of an experience. I struggled a lot in keeping everything as a secret. I was having a baby, but I don’t know how to tell my family all about it. Until one day, I just couldn’t hide it anymore.


How It All Started

I was 14 years old. So understandably, I assumed my parents would feel so devastated once they figured out my pregnancy. In the first month, I managed to hide it from everyone in the house. I never showed them reasons to suspect me of hiding anything. I just went on the usual things I do every day. I hung out with them all the time and even had a family discussion once in a while. It was a bit difficult in my second month because I had to avoid showing them pregnancy symptoms. I was able to deceive my whole family once again by pretending to have my period still. I would fake my cramps, as usual. I tried not to show physical ailments too. And when they asked me why I often sleep in broad daylight, I told them I wasn’t able to get enough sleep at night because I was watching a TV series on Netflix up till morning. Luckily, it was never an unusual activity for them.


Before my 1st trimester ended, things were a little bit okay. I have not developed a baby bump yet, so I was entirely confident that things were all good. I would even wear fitting clothes and that created a valid alibi, so my family did not think of me being pregnant at all. There was no way they could determine that I was growing a baby in my tummy, just looking at my clothes. However, the fourth month was very challenging. I somehow felt that my body was changing already. My hips grew wider, and my boobs looked like they were going to pop out of my chest. So to hide those slightly noticeable physical changes, I went on a full pumped up eating habit. And since the whole country is on quarantine, I managed to hold up to that excuse. So when my family began noticing how crazy I went with food, they automatically assumed that my body enlargement was due to that eating habit. Again, I felt accomplished in trying to hide everything about my growing baby.


The Revelation

Soon before my 6th month of pregnancy began, everything started to fall. Every lies I made and every covered up stories I told my family came to an end. It was an unexpected scenario because I was not prepared for that either. No one knows I was pregnant except my boyfriend. We talked about it, and we were still in the middle of figuring out how to tell our parents about the baby. We were both confused as to what decisions to make. Unfortunately, it was a very emotional revelation when I invited my boyfriend over for dinner. That was when he told everyone in the house that I was pregnant. Everyone could not hide their disbelief and disappointment. My mom and dad cried hysterically while shouting, “No,” a couple of times. My siblings just stared at me as if I killed someone. I couldn’t move, and all I can think of that moment was for the Earth to swallow me whole. Then everyone started crying as I said I was sorry.


All Is Well

After I apologized in front of my parents and told me them the truth, my parents came close to me and hugged me. That was the minute I burst into tears like a baby. I was not expecting that to happen. But those hugs were the most important things at that time. It was as if they were telling me that things were going to be okay. I felt loved, and for the last 2 hours, we all sat there and cried together.

Honestly, teenage pregnancy is not something a kid like me should be proud of. There are a lot of things I know I don’t understand. I admit I am not yet prepared for the consequences of having a baby at a young age. But I don’t try to justify that. I am just so thankful that my family supports me. Despite everything I did wrong, I am happy that my family is more than willing to stand by my side. And right now, they are the best persons I have.