Month: October 2020

How My Children Contribute To My Mental Health Wellness

As a mom, it is not easy to take care of four children inside the house, especially if that is something that you do not do exclusively. Of course, there are other things you need to do. However, taking care of your children takes the most of your energy. Sometimes, it gives you a lot of stress and anxiety that can somehow make a difference in your overall balance. But not all cases are like that, though. Yes, there are instances that your children can cause a lot of unwanted trouble. Still, they are also the most significant reason you have guaranteed physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness. Here’s why.



They Make You Happy For No Reason

Just thinking about your kids’ happiness can make you happy for no reason. Their smiles can brighten up your day as they instantly change your mood. Sometimes, even if you are tired of almost doing everything, a warm hug from them can take away all the stress you have. Your children can make you feel loved and appreciated, especially when they often show it. They make you think that you are the most wonderful person in the world by just merely looking into your eyes and saying, “thank you, mommy.”

They Become Your Strength

Motherhood is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and tolerance as it demands a lot from you, such as energy, time, effort, and commitment. Unfortunately, there are things you can’t handle. But with your kids by your side, everything can turn out okay. Your children become the source of your strength, which somehow pushes you to do almost everything. The children motivate you to do the things you do not usually do. Your kids are enough reasons for you to find the courage to do something beyond your limits. That even if you feel you are not giving your best, your kids know you are giving more than enough.



They Make You Feel Safe

As a mom, you know it is your duty to keep your children away from danger. You feel at ease whenever you know they are safe and comfortable with life. It gives you the confidence that you can do anything for them. But don’t know that keeping kids safe from harm can potentially bounce back at you? Yes, the more you keep your children safe and sound, the more it guarantees to give you the emotional and mental relief. Your kids can make you become aware of your surroundings and become more sensitive towards the needs of others. The children take care of you as much as you take care of them.

They Are Better Stress Reliever

Honestly, a lot of people would say that kids can be the number one cause of stress and anxiety of most parents. That is because of the kids’ impulsive, immature, and unpredictable nature. But that is just it. Children are free-spirited individuals who only look forward to happiness. They focus more on emotional and mental wellness. So when you spend more time with them, you get to feel the advantage of their mindfulness. Kids are better stress relievers because they do not try and complicate things around them. Small gifts can make them happy, corny jokes can make them laugh, and a warm hug can make them smile. It is that simple.



They Give Meaning To Your Life

Understandably, not all individuals picture themselves with kids. We can’t blame them because that is their choice. But for those individuals who have children understand that the kids are the ones that can guarantee a meaning to their lives. Exerting an effort in taking care of them makes a huge difference in how someone views the world. Having children pretty much makes you understand your weaknesses, strengths, and capabilities. They allow you to go deeper into understanding even your own self. Children can make you realize that there is more to life than just responsibilities and daily life goal tasks.




Understandably, a lot of moms often complain about their children because of their inability to juggle things such as career, family, friends, and personal stuff. However, when we talk about motherhood, everything is about handling kids. It is the focus of our time, energy, and effort. We are obliged to take care of our children and provide them with all the necessary things they need for their overall emotional and mental development. We shouldn’t be selfish to think that we are only doing our duties for them because we believe we have to. The truth is, we can also benefit from taking care of the children. They can help us stay in line with our emotional and mental capabilities. The kids allow us to gain enough mental strength to battle stress and everything related to it.