How To Handle Pregnancy And Infidelity

Pregnancy is meant to become the happiest and most fulfilling moment in your life. It is supposed to be an experience that you would want to remember over and over again. However, some things could ruin this opportunity for you, one of which is finding out that your partner has committed acts of infidelity. It hurts to discover that he cheated on you especially when both of you are expecting to have a baby soon. “Her partner’s loyalty is needed by her, and is required of him since he too is a partner in the creation of this child,” says Abe Kaas, MA.


  Here are some of the things that you must do when it comes to handling this kind of dilemma:  

  1. Talk to Him. Make it a top priority to talk to your husband about the problem before overreacting. It is essential that you discuss his illicit acts and to give him an opportunity to explain his side. Take note that the hormones in your body could fluctuate now that you are pregnant. This means that there times when your judgment may be clouded because of what is happening inside your body. Before reacting to your recent discovery, try to have a conversation with the other person first. “Giving a thorough account of his or her actions helps restore a sense of sanity to the betrayed spouse,” says Sam Louie, MA, LMHC.




  1. Never Punish Yourself. Whatever your husband did is his fault, which is why you must stop punishing yourself. Make him accountable for what he has done. Remember that he is the one who hurt you. He does not deserve your love and affection since he chose to inflict emotional pain on your part. If he were a good person, he would think twice before engaging in infidel acts with another woman.


  1. Avoid Stress. It is only reasonable to feel bad about the situation that you are currently in. However, it is necessary on your part to remain calm and to avoid stress. Take note that you are pregnant. As such, whatever it is that you are thinking can affect the baby inside your tummy. Now is not the perfect time to be selfish. Before you stress yourself out, try to consider the health of your unborn child first.




  1. Seek Comfort. Get in touch with some friends or loved ones who could help you in this challenging time of your life. Avoid keeping all the negative emotions inside you. Find a way to release whatever it is that is bothering you. Open up to a close friend or a family member about what you are feeling. Give them a chance to lend their shoulders for you to try on.


  1. Leave If You Must. “Everyone has a limit to what they can take, and no one deserves to be in a relationship where they continually feel hurt, and that trust is violated,” says Ashley Thorn, LMFT. You are the only person who could determine how much you could tolerate when it comes to your husband’s infidelity. If you believe that it is best for everyone to go on separate ways, do not be afraid to do it. Keep in mind that many people in your life would be willing to offer support whenever you need it.

  Your heart may be breaking right now. Remind yourself that there is nothing left to do but to move on from the unfaithful spouse. Stop stressing yourself because it can lead to some complications in the marriage.