How Pregnancy Can Change Your Marriage

Finding out that you are pregnant is the best thing that can ever happen to a woman. Everything starts to become so much more exciting especially if you are going to become a first-time mom. With this great news also come some significant changes in your lives. Expect a lot of things to change the moment you begin to carry your child for the next nine months of your life. Because of this, it is necessary that you prepare yourself for anything that may come your way.   


 “A baby will change virtually every component of your life: physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, relational, social, financial, logistical and spiritual,” according to Joyce Marter, LCPC. Many aspects of your life will be profoundly affected by the pregnancy, one of which is your relationship with the other person.

Unfortunately, the changes are inevitable. No matter how much you make it stop or prevent it from happening, it will still take place in the marriage. As such, do not waste your time in repelling these modifications but instead, embrace this new chapter in your life with open arms. Below is a list of some of the most common changes that a married couple experiences during the period of pregnancy:   

You Will Need More Attention    


With the expectancy of a new baby for you and your husband, it is only logical that you would become clingier. You will discover that you enjoy seeking the attention of the other spouse. The problem with this is that you may end up being too attached to the point that you can easily annoy or irate your partner. Take note that he is the one working for the family, which is why you cannot expect him to accompany you for most hours of the day. As much as possible, try to control the amount of clinginess that you have in your system.   

You Will Become More Emotionally Available   

Pregnancy can also help you become more emotionally available to the other person. During this first and second trimester, your body produces hormones that can aid in developing your intimate side. You will wake up every day feeling more love and happiness. For this reason, it is proper to say that you will establish a closer relationship with your spouse. There will be more nights of just talking about all your dreams and goals. You will have moments when both of you will look back to the beginning of your partnership and how things have started to fall into its right places.   

You Will Have Sex Issues   


One of the adverse effects of pregnancy is that it may lead to some problems in your sex life. “Avoid viewing lack of sex as rejection or a sign of trouble in your relationship,” wrote Margarita Tartakovsky, MS.

Pregnancy can make you experience back pains. At the same time, this condition can also increase the level of exhaustion you feel every single day. All of these could lead to some issues with your sex life. Well, do not worry because it is only typical. The sexual activities may slow way down, but it does not mean that intimacy is dead. Just remember that it is only temporary.    

The changes enumerated above will take place at any time during the pregnancy. Some changes also occur after childbirth. Shauna H Springer, PhD, wrote, “Few researchers would argue that the transition to parenthood does not impact marital satisfaction in most cases. Perhaps, however, the change in satisfaction immediately following childbirth is a temporary dip that should be expected given an added load of new stressors combined parental sleep deprivation.”

These are part of your journey of being a mother. Make sure to make the best of it.