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What’s In Store At The 2016 San Francisco Birth And Baby Fair

Here’s an event you might be interested in: the 2016 San Francisco Birth And Baby Fair. The Golden Gate Club will turn into a mommy and baby wonderland on November 13, 2016. If you find yourself in the San Francisco Bay area around that time, check out this event. Here’s a short glimpse of what you can look forward to in this event.



At the Birth and Baby Fair, you’ll be able to find an array of stalls selling products you’ll want to check out. From baby clothes to maternity; from strollers to toys; from baby food to breast pumps, you’ll be able to find a lot of exciting products on sale. You’ll also be glad to know that many of the vendors are locals and start-ups. What this means is that you’re supporting a terrific community and even other moms.

Demos & Workshops

The fair isn’t only for shopping and fun either. The San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair also aims to educate parents. The organizers have gathered trusted experts on all things related to kids and parenthood. You’ll have a chance ask to them pertinent questions you’ve been itching to ask about pregnancy and raising kids.

There are also a lot of booths that spread education and awareness. The Raised Real booth will teach you how to make your baby food. People from STRONGMom will help you find the best workout regimen to help you stay healthy. The EarthBaby booth will show you how to be more eco-friendly with all those diapers you’ll be changing.

Raffle Prizes And Giveaways

Another thing that many people look forward to is the raffle draw. Local and national businesses have donated beautiful products for lucky parents to take home. This 2016, the prizes that are up for grabs include car seats, photo packages for you and your baby, gift certificates, a Naturepedic mattress, and an UppaBaby stroller. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Play And Relaxation


Here’s another thing to get excited over: the fair will feature a play area for your little ones and a spa area for well-deserving moms. They also have a nursing nook.

For the mommy spa, you’ll find yourself relaxing with mini-massages, a manicure, and even brow threading. While you’re pampering yourself, your kids can enjoy the ball pit with other children. It’s an excellent way for them to learn how to interact with others. At the nursing nook, you can comfortably nap or nurse your children. Consultants will also be available nearby to answer questions related to breastfeeding.

How Do I Join?

Do all of these have you giddy with excitement? Go on over to to find out more and get tickets to this year’s fair. Entrance will cost more for walk-in patrons so get those tickets online while they’re still there.

The Birth and Baby Fair is an event you surely don’t want to miss.

Pregnancy And Heart Disease


Pregnancy is special and often overwhelming for women who are diagnosed with existing heart disease. One crucial event that occurs during pregnancy is an increase in the work of the heart, which means that the heart must work double time. This becomes a dilemma for the expectant mom with heart disease. She must also work hard and find ways to be able to provide sufficient effort to prevent further complications. Ultimately, pregnancy is a sensitive issue and something that needs much thought for the expectant mother and her family as well.

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2016 Atlanta Juvenile Statistics Explains The Top Five Crimes Juveniles Commit



It is somewhat hard to understand and painful to know why teens commit crimes. At a young age, they are capable of breaking the law to the extent of hurting other people. The 2016 Atlanta Juvenile Statistics distinguishes the top five crimes committed by juveniles.


Top 5 Crimes Committed By Juveniles:


  1. Larceny Or Theft


Larceny or theft is on top of the list when it comes to juvenile crimes. It may be because teens feel empowered when they can get something that doesn’t belong to them.


  1. Vandalism


Vandalism can be a way to express the new and overwhelming emotions teens feel. Through it, they can channel their confusion. It can also be a means of having fun, and although we all want that for them, vandalism is littering. It is against the law.


  1. Alcohol Offenses


Like in adults, alcohol can be addictive as it somehow helps with relaxation, but underage drinking and purchasing of alcohol is a crime, and there are some who have ways to do so.


  1. Disorderly Conduct


Teens often misbehave. Cursing or offending at authorities, fighting in public places, or making a scandalous scene are examples of disorderly conduct.


  1. Assault


Any form of physical harm done to others is considered an assault. Sometimes, temper and identity issues get in the way that some teens get in trouble with aggravated assault.




Teens are not supposed to be dealing with the court at their age. They shouldn’t be doing crimes as they should be enjoying life after childhood and right before adulthood. However, not all of us are the same. The 2016 Atlanta Juvenile statistics aims to understand the top crimes that teens commit. They hope to understand and maybe somehow help in preventing teens from committing crimes.

Are You Ready To Be A Mom?



Motherhood is the purpose of womanhood, but no one is ever ready to face all the pain and struggles physically and psychologically. Being unprepared activates the mother instinct, and it may be the reason why women seem to have a switch turning them from an innocent, spontaneous girl to a solemn and bound individual.


Some women may say they have been looking forward to raising a little angel and that they have been preparing their whole life, but after a while when the baby arrives, mothers seem stressed, and no matter how we justify, stress is never a sign of happiness.




Let’s Find Out About The Essential Issues A Mother-To-Be Would Face:


Late Nights


If it is your first time to have a baby and you are going to be a mom full time, expect late nights and less sleeping hours. It means you would likely have eye bags and dark circles. Two years ago, you may be awake until 4:00 am because you are at a friend’s party, but when you are a mom, expect to have less to no social gatherings at all. It’s not that you can’t leave the baby, but there’s always a push which tells you the right thing to do as a mother.


Fewer Clothes


Expect to come out of the mall without anything for you in a bag. You may be used to shopping for yourself, getting the latest trends in fashion. When you are a mom, there is always a feeling of self-pity and desire to pamper yourself. You think of going to the mall to buy stuff for yourself, but it wouldn’t really happen because you will end up shopping for your little angel.


Less Attention


If you used to get all the attention from your parents and partner, chances are you would be having less and less. Your love for your baby makes it okay, and it’s what you exactly want, but eventually, you will feel as if no one notices you anymore. It is because the welfare of the baby comes first, and as much as it can consume you, it is okay.




Less Peace


Being a mother requires us to love someone more than anything in this world, and when you become a mom, it is like you are going to have a complete reform of your brain. The things you worry about before do not seem to matter that much anymore, and you will have a constant worry about your baby, even thinking about the future when he would have his first heartbreak.


Motherhood is liberation from selfish thoughts. It somehow seems like a portal that transforms a woman. There are many changes and adjustments which can sometimes cause emotional exhaustion. It is because no one is ever really ready for it no matter how she thinks she prepared for it. The feelings and emotions revolving motherhood are new and unique. It’s like crossing the bridge when you get there, and you don’t have a choice but to be ready and be a mom.



Ways To Hopefully Lower The ADHD Risk During Pregnancy


One of the health conditions that pregnant women wish their unborn child would never acquire is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Being a neurological illness, it changes the normal function of the patient’s brain, to the extent that the activities that are effortless to pick up for non-disabled kids are almost impossible for them to do e.g., speaking fluently, understanding instructions, listening to others, reading, et cetera.

The worst thing about ADHD is that it is incurable. The specialist may prescribe medications, but they are not enough to help someone with special needs overcome the disorder. The therapeutic methods may keep the child from consuming drugs, yet their effects are honestly not long-term for kids with short attention span.


Hence, if you want to lower your baby’s chances of developing ADHD while still growing in your womb, you may do the following.

Stop Worrying

You probably have listened to multiple individuals as they inform you about the benefits of relaxing when you are pregnant. Some may say, “Don’t stress yourself out; the child cannot develop well when the mother is emotionally disturbed.” Others may even warn you that dealing with anxiety throughout the pregnancy can induce premature labor.

Although these are real reasons not to harbor stress and worries while expecting, you may want nothing to do with both even more once you know that getting rid of them can decrease the possibility that your kid will have ADHD. A few studies back up this idea, and the scientists believe that the combination of stress and anxiety is even worse than the effects of smoking.

Know What You Can – And Cannot – Eat

Everything you consume during pregnancy no longer affects your health alone. Your unborn baby absorbs some of the nutrients you obtain from the food you eat too. That’s why you need to be more mindful about your diet than ever.

As a general rule, you should stay away from raw dishes, e g., sushi, sashimi, and tartar. You are not supposed to give in either to your cravings for junk foods. They are called as such for a reason, and it is unwise to allow your child to consume unhealthy stuff before he or she enters the world. Specifically, you have to stick to foods with natural and organic ingredients to avoid jeopardizing your baby’s physical and mental health.


Avoid Chemical Exposure

If you are a career woman and you still have the go signal to work from your OB-GYNE, you can keep on doing your job. However, as much as possible, try not to put on makeup or be in close proximity to beauty products for your child’s sake.

The compounds found in such items, to be honest, are far from being 100% organic. They require preservatives so that you can make use of the products for months. There may be heavy metals in the composition as well, although you cannot see them without a high-quality microscope.

These ingredients can enter your body and reach the baby in your belly. They may not affect you since you are already an adult, but the chemicals can have a negative impact on the child’s brain development.


All the tips above are easier said than done, that’s true. Despite that, if heeding our advice means lowering your kid’s chances of acquiring ADHD, there probably isn’t a mother who will complain about these ideas.


Pampering Ideas For Yourself Before The Baby Arrives

Are you stressing over the fact that your child is about to come after a few winks?

You’re not going crazy – all expectant mothers tend to do that. The usual ramblings go along these lines: “Do I have everything I need in the baby bag?”, “How will I push when it’s time?”, and “Am I truly prepared to care for another human being, much less an infant?”.


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Body Changes To Expect When Expecting




When I was still a naïve little girl, I had a very different perspective about pregnancy. In my mind, it only meant that the mom’s belly would expand, and then a baby would pop out after nine long months. They are on point, of course, yet I got served with more realizations as I was experiencing all the physical revamping that naturally come with gestation.

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What Are The Do’s And Don’ts When You’re Pregnant?



Bearing a child is something that many find miraculous. All women have the parts necessary to create a baby, but there are still some who have difficulty in conceiving. That’s why once they do, they become too cautious, to the point that they almost don’t want to leave the house.

Though it’s understandable, your life doesn’t need to stop during pregnancy. That is, considering there are no complications and your OB-GYN didn’t prescribe total bed rest.

Check out the do’s and don’ts when you’re expecting below.



  1. Exercise

Some workouts won’t be too strenuous for pregnant ladies. Yoga and swimming are a couple of them. You may also join an indoor cycling or aerobics class if the doctor allows.

  1. Eat Wisely

For sure, your diet cannot just consist of burgers, fries, and other fatty foods, no matter how much you crave for them. Focus on the greens, stray away a bit from carbs, and be picky with the seafood you consume.

  1. Sleep

Your body experiences a series of changes and adjustments to make room for the child. It can indeed drain your energy levels; thus, have a nap or two during the day and sleep for at least eight hours every night.

  1. Hydrate

Pregnancy makes you pee much more than when you didn’t have a growing baby in your womb, doesn’t it? Because of that, you should replenish all the fluids you expel by drinking plenty of water regularly.

  1. Medicate Smartly

Assuming you’re already on a lifetime medication before you got pregnant, inform both the OB-GYN and the disease specialist about your new condition. They can tell you which drugs to continue taking and what alternative medicine you can take while you’re in the family way.

  1. Take Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are also necessary because it’s difficult to assume how much of the essential nutrients you can get from the foods you eat. Nevertheless, only take the ones recommended by your doctor.

  1. Have Sex

When people tell you that you shouldn’t have sex because you’re pregnant, they’re wrong. The hormonal changes even increase your libido, frankly speaking. Just ask your physician about until when it’s safe for you to have sexual intercourse.



  1. Consume Raw Meat

In case you are a fan of sushi, beef tartare, or fresh oysters, I’m sorry to say that you need to forget them throughout your pregnancy. The people who prepare them may enforce food sanitation, yet you can’t risk acquiring viruses and bacteria due to them.

  1. Stay In Heated Baths

Although it feels soothing to rest in a jacuzzi, hot tub, or a sauna, you need to scratch that off your self-pampering list. The high temperature of the waterr can hurt your baby’s growth; that’s why it’s better to skip it too.

  1. Expose Yourself To Ill Folks

Being pregnant practically means you’re dividing your immune system between yourself and the child. It may be easy for you to catch a sickness, so you shouldn’t be around people with flu or other diseases.

  1. Overeat

Doctors suggest the number of pounds you can add to your pre-baby weight. Heed their advice so that you will likely have a smooth-sailing pregnancy.

  1. Chug Cups Of Coffee

Limit your caffeine intake to 12 ounces on a regular basis. You can’t go over that since too much coffee may cause miscarriage.

  1. Smoke/Drink

Of course, you should never smoke anything or drink alcoholic beverage when you’re carrying a child. Mothers who do that make their babies more susceptible to having fetal alcohol syndrome, which can decrease their ability to learn new information.

  1. Move Without Resting

Wherever you are, you can’t be doing the same thing for hours on end. Your body supports the weight of your child as well, so you may ache here and there if you’re always sitting, standing, or walking.